This is a short film I made along with my Seniors Barath Jayarajan and Samhitha Somayaji. One of our assignment was to select an area in the city of bangalore and observe its typography. The market we chose did not have any signs of typography and so we chose to take names of shops and and animate signboards onto the footage of the shops we had. The typefaces of the signboards were inspired from the market areas around that particular market.


 This is a GIF animation i did of Michael Jackson as a part of a freelance assignment with Sony Music.

An animated GIF i made which was later printed to be many flip books. these flip books were distributed at Zomba events and freebies for the promotion Zomba.

(please click on the image to view the animation)

This is a Film I along with my Batchmates Ratika Singh and Vinayak Nagesh made as a group as a part of my Film Course called ‘Narrative Modes’


In this animation short film, i have shown the Black Ball to represent a human being and the White Ball to represent the black balls ambitions. In this video ive shown the Black Ball running around here and there looking for his ambitions in places of Music (the cassette player), Work (the industrial ear muffs) and Leisure (the alcohol bottles). Its ambitions (the white ball) show itself and for brief moments in every frame but doesn’t completely reveal itself. It leaves the hunting and looking around to the black ball since it is his job to work hard and look for what he wants to achieve. Later in the video, when i show that the black ball is completely exhausted, the white ball shows itself and gives the black ball a nice and warm blanket.
The message i wanted to convey through this video is that is you work hard enough throughout your life, you will surely benefit out of it when the time is right. Your ambitions and desires will themselves find their way through and reach to you.

I took a quick glance at my table lamp in the morning one day. The same day i started wondering that the basic structure of my table lamp was so simillar to that of a human body. The Clip Stand is like the human feet, The Flexible Body is like the Human Torso and the Light Holder is like the human head.
So i wanted to see how my table would look if it moved around just like a human being.
this is what i got.
Hope you like it.



3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Kritika Dusad says:

    what happened to salt man??? hahaha….anyways…i loved the video dude! \m/

  2. Hardik says:

    Paint It Black!! Rolling Stones!!

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