these are the illustration i made for my book. this was a college assignment where we had to design an artist book showing any change happening. in this book ive shown how bob marleys music helped in the upliftment of the Jamaican and African people. All these photographs are arranged in order so you can see how the story of the book goes. the last image in this series is the cover of my book.



7 thoughts on “Book

  1. Vaishu says:

    Nihar this is great!!!!You are awesome !!!

  2. Mukul says:

    Nihar..This is too good…Details, proportions, perception, compositions, expressions…excellent…so once again… \m/

    • Vaishu says:

      Loved the whole thing. The pictures say it all I know went down in Bob Marley’s life without even reading it. Every detail is awesome!! even the strands in the dreadlocks!!!

  3. Ishita says:

    oyee apte! neat stuff dude!

  4. niharapte says:


  5. Shailee says:

    Awesome job, Apte!!
    but I want some credit too! 😛 Remember why???

  6. niharapte says:

    yeah yeah shailee!
    credits of one illustration goes to shailee adke that is the one of the UK map!!!

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